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Personal Injury Settlements in Greenville, NC

Greenville Personal Injury Lawyer

In terms of personal injury lawsuits, a settlement is an agreement reached between a plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit against another) and the defendant (a person who has been sued in civil court). This is a structured arrangement that both parties enter into voluntarily, keeping the case from trial in court. Typically, one party will offer the other an amount of money or terms in the hope that the other party will agree and therefore "settle" the matter without the involvement of a judge and jury. The vast majority of personal injury claims in Greenville and throughout North Carolina are resolved with settlements as opposed to jury verdicts.

If you were injured and are dealing with a personal injury claim, you may be offered a settlement by the other party. Before you accept, it is important to discuss the matter with a Greenville personal injury lawyer. Though the settlement amount may seem fair to you, having a legal professional review the case is beneficial. It will be important to ensure your settlement covers more than just your immediate medical bills or property damage. There may be future expenses that will arise or other non-economic damages that you can recover financial compensation for. An attorney will be able to look at your case and the settlement amount from a legally experienced point of view to protect your interests.

Settlement vs. Trial

Although most personal injury cases are resolved with out-of-court settlements, there are situations where parties simply cannot agree and the case must therefore go to trial. At the Burch Law Office, we approach each case as though it were going to court. We work aggressively to represent our clients' rights to show the defendant that we are not afraid of going to trial. This readiness often allows us to reach a more attractive settlement that is truly in our clients' best interests, and if we do need to go to court, we will be prepared.

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